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Texas Senate OKs 'noodling,' the sport of catching catfish by hand
May 20, 2011 . The Texas Senate, facing an enormous budget battle this year, took time out this week to pass a bill legalizing "noodling," or the sport of .

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Hillbilly Handfishin' - Noodling Catfish : Animal Planet
Famed hand-fishermen Skipper Bivins leads a group of city-slicker clients through the paces of Noodling - using your bare hands and feet to catch giant catfish!

HowStuffWorks "Catfish Noodling"
Sep 2, 2008 . Catfish noodling is a challenging fishing sport. Learn how to catch a catfish with your bare hands and why noodling can be so dangerous.

Texas Considering Legalizing Catfish Noodling - Learn To Catch ...
Apr 14, 2011 . I have covered catfish noodling in depth here at Learn To Catch Catfish and . Currently the sport of hand fishing for catfish is only legal in a .

Can You Really Catch Catfish With Your Hands?
Catching catfish by hand is a long standing practice that dates back to when the . that have legalized catfishing by hand, or 'noodling' as it is commonly called.

Catfish Noodling
Catfish noodling is the most unique form of fishing that I have ever seen or participated. Noodlin is known . Catch Catfish with your Bare Hands. For those who .

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Long Arm of the Law Penalizes Texans Who Nab Catfish by Hand ...
May 16, 2011 . In Texas, lawmakers are considering a bill in the state legislature to legalize hand fishing, also known as noodling, grabbing or hogging.

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Tim's noodling catch 36lb flathead catfish - YouTube
Jun 14, 2009 . Don't go in deep water when noodling catfish , don't go alone,don't go . When i put my hand in a hole in? a bank i feel the bottom of the hole .

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While the idea of sticking your hand in the mouth of a 40-pound catfish may not sound too appealing, some adventurous folks in Georgia are catching noodling .

Day 18: Noodling for Catfish Now Legal in Texas — 82nd ...
Aug 18, 2011 . Day 18: The sport of catching catfish with bare hands, known as noodling, is now legal in Texas. Bradley Beesley looks every bit the part of a .

Why "No" to Noodling? | Missouri Department of Conservation
In some states hand-fishing, also known as “noodling,” is a popular way to catch large, nesting catfish. Although this activity can yield trophy animals weighing .

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  • DNR arrests 4 Iowans for catching catfish by hand | TheGazette
    Jun 25, 2012 . DNR arrests 4 Iowans for catching catfish by hand . laying and guarding eggs, an illegal fishing practice known as hand-fishing or “noodling.

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  • Using the old noodle: catching catfish by hand
    Using the old noodle: catching catfish by hand. Ronald Murdock hangs on to a 47 -pound flathead he noodled out of a box. Mike Leggett/AMERICAN- .

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"noodling": Cooking Pasta or Catching Catfish?
"noodling": Cooking Pasta or Catching Catfish? . known, it refers to the art of fishing for catfish using only bare hands and a big stick for prodding purposes.

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Noodling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The noodler places his hand inside a discovered catfish hole. . Although the concept of catching fish with only the use of the arm in the water is simple enough , .

Catfish Noodling Guide Service. . Noodling season is middle of May through August. . Catching fish in their domain with your bare hands and feet may seem .

Redneck Cat Fishing - YouTube
Apr 27, 2009 . A couple rednecks hand fishing - try catching a 40 pound catfish with your . Catfish noodlin: Tyler getting him a monster flatty out of a hole on .

  • Why is it called noodling? | Outdoors
    Jul 8, 2009 . Other states allow hand-fishing for catfish, but use terms such as grabbling, . close to noodling which describes catching trout by hand.” .

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Noodling Adventures
Noodling (hand fishing) is the art of catching catfish without the use of poles, hooks or bait. YOU ARE THE BAIT! Reaching into bank holes, under rocks and into .

Noodling - Catching Catfishing with Your Bare Hands -- Welcome ...
Noodling is fishing for catfish using only bare hands, practiced primarily in the southern United States.

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T.C. noodling 65lb. flathead catfish - YouTube
Jul 22, 2007 . Channel cats on the other hand always bite the livin shit out of me. Is this . Tim's noodling catch 36lb flathead catfishby tim3jones33070 views .

noodling is extreme fishing ,crazy but fun, monster flathead catfish ...
Jul 4, 2009 . Catching by hand. huge flathead catfish. is the amazing video where we wrestle catfish. Okie Noodling, Monster Big Catfish. This is one of the .

  • Catfish Hand Grabbing - YouTube
    May 26, 2008 . Watch me catch this big catfish! . Catfish Grabbing with Two Handsby nighthawkpublication35870 views · Catfish noodlin: Tyler getting him a .

  • noodling catfish or handfishing ... - YouTube
    Jun 2, 2008 . Don't go in deep water when noodling catfish , don't go alone,don't go . How could you catch that thing bear hands it could sting you with? its .

  • How to catch a cat fish with your bare hands - YouTube
    May 7, 2009 . T.C. noodling 65lb. flathead catfishby mwasilis600347 views · Catching Fish With Bare Hands 1:31. Watch Later Error Catching Fish With Bare .

Catfish Noodling - Learn To Catch Catfish
Mar 26, 2010 . Catfish noodling is fishing using only the bare hands. . Learn To Catch Catfish Catfish Fishing Techniques, Catfishing Tips and Expert Advice .

'Mudcats' Series Premiere: Marion Wrestles A Massive Catfish ...
Feb 10, 2012 . Noodling Legalization Approved By Texas Senate. AUSTIN, Texas -- Texans who want to catch catfish using only their bare hands would be .

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Noodling huge flat head catfish in kingfisher Okla - YouTube
Jul 29, 2009 . Catching by hand. huge flat head catfish. is the amazing video where we wrestle catfish. Okie Noodling, Monster Big Catfish. This is one of the .