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lpar program with api

IBM SoftCapping Do you use this to reduce your monthly software bill?
MSU: (Million Service Units) : reference unit for Software billing. – IMSU (or . The R4H represents the average consumption (in MSU) of the LPAR during the last 4 hours. = Average of the last 48 . LPAR settings (via HMC API). LPAR settings .

All non-immigrant international students and scholars who were present

Dino-Software: T-REX Product Management
An interactive IBM zSeries Server CPC-LPAR Batch Management Tool . interfaces with the standard HMC API, allowing for these manual functions to be .

White Paper
WLM Capping% corresponding to that interval for this LPAR will be 100%. . involving a CPC with 4 LPARs, where all z/OS software products are running on the 4 . standard IBM API facilities (E.g. CMF/RMF and HMC), while uniquely .

IBM eServer i5 and iSeries Logical Partitioning FAQs
Do I need LPAR Validation Tool to plan for LPARs on eServer i5?...................... 4 . LPAR API. • Hardware Management. Console required to partition the server.

What LPAR I am in?
Jan 22, 2010 . Is there a quick way to know wicha LPAR I am working on? . where a product application software is installed, since passwords for this products depend . System Status (QWCRSSTS) API</a> requesting format SSTS0200.

SE HMC SE HMC Production SYSPLEX zCOST Development ...
HMC API. zCOST AutoSoftCapping Implementation Example. zCOST (z/OS STC) via 1 RMF DDS per . even more LPAR's, while optimized software pricing is .

Foreign National lpar program with api Resource (FNTR)

What is logical partition (LPAR)? - Definition from
A logical partition (LPAR) is the division of a computer's processors, memory, and . independently with its own operating system instance and application s. . is a small piece of JavaScript code that will mimic the API of a newer browser to .

FNTR Access

Current UCB students and scholars:

IBM Systems Magazine - Tivoli Provisioning Manager Eases LPAR ...
TPM also provides a robust API, allowing full control of most HMC and Power Systems commands for custom programming. This article focuses on TPM and .

FORMER UCB students and scholars:

IBM Redbooks | LPAR Configuration and Management Working with ...
He specializes in LPAR, iSeries hardware and software, Integrated xSeries Server for iSeries, and Linux. He also writes and teaches IBM classes worldwide on .

Custom LPAR API Programming Services
Excellence in Technology Assistance. Custom LPAR API Programming Services. Dynamic reallocation of LPAR resources provides significant cost savings to .

Virtualize this: Using Java API to exploit virtualization capabilities of ...
Jun 27, 2006 . This article introduces the Management Dynamic LPAR Extensions that . Now, contrast this with an application that uses the extensions API to .

The FNTR program:

  • helps you finish your tax return in about 20 minutes
  • guides you step-by-step in completing your tax return
  • determines the correct tax forms you need to fill out
  • allows you to complete your tax return from abroad if necessary
  • addresses fellowships and tax treaties
  • instructs you in printing and mailing tax forms to the IRS
  • offers toll-free technical and tax support
  • helps you apply for an Individual lpar program with apipayer Identification Number (ITIN) if necessary
  • is available at NO COST to eligible students and scholars

Eligibility for FNTR

The following individuals are eligible to use the FNTR program sponsored by Berkeley International Office:

  • zCost Presentation - 2008-01-08
    MSU (Million Service Units) : reference unit for Software billing. . White Space = CPC Capacity - SUM (LPARs' DCs) . LPAR settings (via>HMC API). LPAR's .

  • F-1 students on Optional Practical Training in 2011
  • J-1 students on Academic Training in 2011
  • Current J-1 and other non-immigrant Visiting Scholars affiliated with UC Berkeley
  • Former non-immigrant Visiting Scholars affiliated with UC Berkeley in 2011
  • Web Services, SOAP, Domino, and Java 6 | meta/LPAR
    Mar 9, 2009 . The problem was simple enough: I had a Java program running on server A . The standard API for Web Services clients is JAX-WS, which is .

ms magazine premier issue

IBM Systems Magazine - Keeping Up With LPAR: Dynamic Changes
Prior to the 5xx models, they all interfaced with the OS/400 LPAR API. . Dave Schnee works in computer software design, management and development with .

Workshop:  Introduction to FNTR and California lpar program with apies

Perform Hardware Configuration Operation (QYHCHCOP) API
be explicitly authorized to the API, or call the API from a program that adopts enough authority to . Perform LPAR administrator operation, LPAR administrator .

developerWorks : IBM Systems : IBM Systems Director 6.x SDK Forum ...
Jan 16, 2012 . However I want to classify these LPAR as dedicated and shared lpar, but I . Does anybody know equivalent REST API to get this information? . the top tags for this particular type of content or application that you're viewing.

  • IBM Systems Magazine - Sharing Resources
    Many software vendors will base their license core counts on the number of virtual processors assigned to the LPARs running their application. For the example .

  • Presentation of the FNTR interface:  what it looks like and what to expect
  • Directions on how to get your FNTR password
  • Overview of California tax system
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to complete California tax forms

Workshop Powerpoint Presentations:

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Preparing for lpar program with api

AutoSoftCapping (ASC) maximizes software cost efficiencies for IBM zSeries . the published HMC API HWMCAAPI to dynamically change LPAR MSU ratings, .

Of Domino and data pumps | meta/LPAR
Mar 29, 2011 . Basically, every time you make any change to the Web Service API, even . to write LotusScript or Java code to generate the format you want.

Documents You Will Need

LPAR Application Interface Programming Toolkit
The LPAR Application Interface Programming Toolkit makes managing . Create and store CL programs . Programming Interfaces (APIs) and gives you: .

Enterprise Extender
SOFTWARE DIVERSIFIED SERVICES (SDS). Perceptive . recommended Network Management API (NMI) to obtain extensive EE data directly from VTAM, IP .

  • Infrastructure reports - Discovery Community - BMC Software
    Jun 22, 2012 . ESX/ESXi Hosts where API access needs patching – Shows a report of the . All Software on a specific LPAR – Shows list of All Software on a .

  • Allow access to REXEC server from LPAR - iPro Developer | The ...
    Feb 17, 2012. than realized the second LPAR (used for backup purposes) sends a remote . to call the QLGCNVCS API to convert the userid from lower to uppercase. . this types rexec -l scottk, it'll pass it to my exit program in lowercase.

  • The EXCI programming interfaces
    API restrictions for server programs . greatly increased if you use the EXEC CICS LINK command to communicate with a CICS server region in a different LPAR.

Dynamic Logical Partitioning (DLPAR) support - IBM
If you run Java applications on a single CPU LPAR and never dynamically add a . depending on the execution characteristics of your application) by exporting . The Javadoc tool for this API is provided with the SDK in the file docs/

EMC Community Network - ECN: Integrate Networker with AIX LPAR
May 29, 2012 . As Carlos said, you just need to install the NetWorker software into the LPAR as you would with any other machine. The only thing you need to .

lpar program with api Resources

lpar program with api Preparation Services for Resident Aliens

Type80 Security Software Inc. - FAQ
It asks information such as the CPU Serial number, and LPAR name. . and DB2 can be obtained by using the TYPE_80 Application Program Interface (API).

Tivoli Provisioning Manager Eases LPAR ... - IBM Systems Magazine
. Console (HMC) and allows for automated LPAR creation, as well as software . TPM also provides a robust API, allowing full control of most HMC and Power .