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The Dart Thrower
The mechanical basics of throwing darts . In every point of the throw you must stay perfectly balanced. This will be tricky for beginners and force them to start at .

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How to throw Darts - Darts Thrower
So I decided to do this introduction on the physics behind throwing a dart. . You don't have to tape your throw with a video camera and draw a perfect parabola .

Duke Magazine-Sports-The Perfect Parabola -January/February 2009
Taylor has won with nine darts, the minimum possible—a "perfect game" in darts . But developing better pill casings and throwing a dart are both, at their root, .

Dart World Helpful Information » Dart Throwing Techniques
There are a variety of grips one can use to hold a dart and all vary according to each . It is perfectly legal to lean over the throw-line and some players take .

How to throw Darts | Technique
The chief objective or purpose of your grip should able be to retain the end of the dart pointing or facing up in each throwing stage. 2. Solid and relaxed. The grip .

How to Throw a Perfect Dart |
How to Throw a Perfect Dart. Practice does not make perfect if your form is all wrong. There is a technique to throwing the perfect dart that will have to be utilized .

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How to Throw Darts: 8 steps (with pictures) - wikiHow
Oct 24, 2011 . Throwing darts is a matter of consistency and practice, practice, practice! Even if you don't have hours and hours to spare developing your skills .

Phil Taylor's 5 Best Tips For Playing Darts - Throw Darts Like The ...
Feb 6, 2010 . This animation courtesy of SitePeople shows the perfect arm position and throw for darts : The key science to the darts throw - Slow backward .'s_5_Best_Tips_For_Playing_Darts_-_Throw_Darts_Like_The_Power

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Darts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Path of the optimal location to throw a dart where ? = 0 is a perfect player and ? = 100 is a player who throws randomly. Assuming standard scoring, the optimal .

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Darts Equipment Class 101 - DartSmarts - Manufacturer of the ...
Because the flight is in the rear of the dart, the dart itself is always going to be nose heavy and unless thrown perfectly every time, it will enter the board at a slight .

How to get in the zone while throwing darts
Remember the last time you threw a great round of darts. Close your eyes and picture your dart landing in the perfect spot. Channel the positive energy through .

How To Throw Darts - Videojug
Video : This VideoJug film aims to teach you how to properly throw darts and . up a dart to throw it will be a perfect pointer to you as to how to actually throw it.

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  • How to Throw a Dart
    In order to perfect your dart throwing, we should look at the mechanics of the throw first. Darts will fly on a parabolic curve when you throw them; this is the same .

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  • Throwing Knives, Throwing Darts and Throwing Knife Sets by ...
    Heavy and perfectly balanced, the Torpedo is a lot of fun for target throwing . The Delta Dart is 8' long and 1/2' in diameter yet it weighs only 1/2 an ounce!

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Perfect Dart Throw - YouTube
Sep 14, 2007 . he totally undefeated. he never miss to hit the target.

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Darts | Dartboard | Dartboards | Dart Flights
OCHE - The line you stand behind and throw the darts from. -P- PERFECT SCORE - When a player scores a maximum 180 points in one throw of three darts.

The Dart Thrower
For grip you should also read The Mechanical Basics of Throwing Darts . (track high jumping and billiards) and would like to perfect or at least improve my .

How to Play Darts : Dart Throwing Stances - YouTube
Jul 23, 2009 . Dart stances often vary from person to person, but they usually have the dart thrower standing with the same foot forward as the hard they're .

  • How to shoot consistent darts
    Dart Question? "How do I get rid of the dart throwing problem called dartitis? . Here are a few pointers to help you work on shooting great darts every time you face the dart board: Concentrate on your . Practice makes perfect. The best way to .

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Differences in Darts (Soft & Steel)
question, the ones that come in tied for second are "What dart should I buy?" and "What is the difference . Most people throw darts that weigh between 20-25 grams. Soft-tip darts are a . I find it very difficult to throw a perfectly smooth dart.

The Perfect Dart Throw (Pt. II) - YouTube
Dec 1, 2008 . This up and coming dart player gives us some hints on how to improve our dart game.

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Nine-dart finish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The youngest player to throw a televised nine-darter is Michael van Gerwen, who hit the perfect leg in the semi-finals of the Masters of Darts tournament in the .

DARTS, the Perfect Throw - YouTube
May 14, 2008 . This dart player knows how to throw a dart. . why would we practice when? we are perfect? thanks for the advice though. CreativeStupidity in .

  • DartSmarts - Manufacturer of the Smartest Dart - GEN-3, GEN4J ...
    The darts are perfectly balanced and throw very flat tight groupings. I notice that I have much less wobble in my throw, and my game is only going to get better.

  • Alternate Dart Throw Technique - YouTube
    Dec 18, 2009 . An alternate technique for throwing darts is described which goes . your brain to control one big muscle? so perfectly that you hit the dart right?

  • How to choose the right dart
    Typically you will change darts after your first year of throwing, so don't spend a lot until you know which dart fits you perfectly. Ultimately, it all comes down to .

Dart Terms / Slag -
Refers to a player who throws very quick smooth darts, like an archer's arrow ( also . This is considerably more difficult than hitting a perfect score as the player .

How to Play Darts : How to Throw Darts - YouTube
Oct 23, 2008 . Learn about playing darts, throwing darts, and darts games in this . Phil Taylor's Throwby CrackingDarts356537 views · Perfect Dart Throw .

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Darts - Fun Facts and Information
Both players throw one dart at the bullseye, the closest to the middle gets to throw first. What is the total number of darts thrown in a perfect Cricket game? Darts .

DARTS - Perfect THROW - YouTube
Mar 30, 2010 . Loading... How to Play Darts : Dart Throwing Stances 2:23. Watch Later Error How to Play Darts : Dart Throwing Stancesby eHow43252 views .