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st-251 mfm hard drive

Old obsoleted MFM ST225 and ST251 hard drive info - Seagate ...
Aug 16, 2008 . I don't see the category for this post, so I don't have a choice. Does any one have the info or know where to get for an very old hard drive .

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Computer Parts Galore Other Hard Drives Page
Hewlett Packard, 0950-1960, 42MB MFM Hard Drive # ST251-1, 5.25". $295.00. Hewlett Packard, 9114, External Drive. $66.00. IBM, 72X7568 ?? Hard Drive .

Hard Drive: SEAGATE: ST251-0 43MB 5.25"/HH MFM ST412
Nov 23, 2011 . S T 2 5 1 - 0 SEAGATE NO MORE PRODUCED Native| Translation ------+-----+---- -+----- Form 5.25"/HH Cylinders 820| | | Capacity form/unform .

MFM - Cheap Hard Drives - Purchase Today at
Purchase a Fully Tested Hard Drive with a 30 day USA .

H/Z-100 Seagate MFM Hard Drive Repair
H/Z-100 Seagate MFM Hard Drive Repair . I've now played with more than 10 drives, mostly ST-251s and ST-138's that wouldn't spin. Of these, most have been .

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Shugart was responsible for the genesis of the two hard drive interfaces that were to . With a good drive and the right controller you could do a lot with MFM. . Like the Seagate ST-251H below, the D5126H was a high-performance variant of .

Foreign National st-251 mfm hard drive Resource (FNTR)

Seagate ST 251 working (Front LED View) - YouTube
Oct 3, 2009 . Its not difficult to get an MFM hard drive working, you just have to know . 51/4 drives and seagate ST-251? with an incredible space of 50MB !

Broken Seagate ST-251 Spin up/down - YouTube
Nov 11, 2010 . A broken Seagate ST-251 MLC-0 spinning up/down with the cover removed. I opened it . possibly one of the worst hard drive failure sounds i have heard. cheetawolf 6 . wow i wanna have an old MFM? drive like st225/51!! :( .

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Need to Read Old MFM style hard drive - Tech Support Forums ...
I'd like to get the programs off the hard drive but its a Seagate ST-251 (MFM recording style) with a Western Digital WD1003-wa2 controller card .

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Seagate ST-251
hard drive history. beginings: mfm drives of the 1980s . There were several versions of this long-lived drive: the 28ms ST-251-1 was much faster than the .

Help me connect a 20 yr old hard drive. - hard drive computer ...
Help me connect a 20 yr old hard drive. . the other day from my closet and found my ST-251-1 MFM drive that I had in my first IBM based PC.

Seagate ST225, ST251, all mfm &rll Driver Download
Seagate ST225, ST251, all mfm &rll Driver Download. World's most popular driver . Browse all Seagate > Hard Disk Controller drivers. or scan your system for .

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  • MFM Drives - Martinsound
    We have not had a source to recommend for the Seagate ST-225 20 MB and ST- 251 40 MB MFM hard drives used in the early Flying Faders systems. (MFM is a .

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  • Old Seagate ST-251 spinning up and head calibration - YouTube
    Feb 19, 2011 . Vintage Seagate ST-251 hard disk drive spin up and track0 . Testing, setting up a MFM Hard Drive (part 1)by kaiyoshi2243830 views .

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Drive Bench: Seagate ST-251-1 - YouTube
Dec 28, 2009 . Powering up the classic Seagate ST-251 hard drive. This particular drive has been in use since 1991. Please . Is it an MFM or? RLL drive?

Workshop:  Introduction to FNTR and California st-251 mfm hard drivees

ST-225 20MB MFM drive with controller - Working - Seagate ST225 ...
ST-225 20MB MFM drive with controller - Working - Seagate ST225 PC XT Classic in . Seagate ST-251 5.25 HH MFM Dos 3.1 Boot 40MB Tested Seagate .

1990 Seagate ST-277R-1 hard drive sounds - YouTube
Feb 24, 2010 . This is the ST-277R-1, the 66-megabyte RLL version of a hard drive that was most commonly sold as the ST-251, a 43-megabyte MFM drive.

Tandy MFM Hard Disk Drive Reference
This article discusses how the different MFM hard disk controllers and interfaces . Model, Seagate ST225, Seagate ST251, Seagate ST251-1, Seagate ST4096 .

  • Compaq Deskpro, 386SX20 at ABC Resellers, Vintage Refurbished ...
    Compaq Deskpro 386SX20, 6 meg ram, 80 mb hard drive, . ST-238, ST-251 Seagate MFM hard drives, Used IDE hard drives, SCSI hard drives, monitors and .

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Preparing for st-251 mfm hard drive

ACT/Apricot - Connecting an MFM hard disk on the Apricot PC
I connected externally, an old 40Mb Seagate ST251-1, 5.25'' MFM hard disk. It was a bit tricky, because the disk was too big to fit inside the Apricot PC case.

Miniscribe 3650
hard drive history. beginings: mfm drives of the 1980s . me our company standard drives were the Seagate ST-225 for 20MB systems, and the Miniscribe 3650 .

Documents You Will Need

View the old XT Club entries - Uncreative Labs
40 Meg Seagate ST-251-1 MFM hard drive. EGA/VGA Wonder Card EGA color monitor. Original IBM 101 Key Keyboard DR-DOS 7.2 by caldera. IBM Personal .

Hard Drives at ABC Resellers, Vintage Refurbished 286, 386, 486 ...
st225-251drv.jpg ST-238 MFM HARD DRIVE $299.00 $249.99 On Sale! Seagate ST-238 is identical to the ST-225 except when used on RLL controller you can .

  • Floppy Drives at ABC Resellers, Vintage Refurbished 286, 386, 486 ...
    NEW IBM 360K for IBM PC/XT and Compatible half height (FDD) floppy disk drive . black . $9.99. New MFM hard drive cable set includes floppy cable.

  • Text Files - Uncreative Labs
    drives/251-WARN.TXT, A warning about a potentially defective ST-251 drive. drives/3AT-HD.TXT, How to install a 3rd MFM hard drive in a computer.

  • Small Tools: Of Drives, Power Supplies and Power Systems
    It's easy to swap the ST225 for something like a Seagate ST-251, which is the same . A rat's-eye view of the cabling in an ST hard disk system. . Previously, the industry standard was MFM (Modified Frequency Modulation), or "double density .

Seagate ST-225
hard drive history. beginings: mfm drives of the 1980s . The ST-225 was the single most common 20MB drive, and certainly the longest lived. It set the pattern .

$9 Seagate
This document supports the Seagate hard disc drives specified below. Formatted . Product lntormatlon ST125 ST138 $T225 ST251 $T251-1 Reduced wme Current (Cw): . drive. To achieve full performance with an MFM drive, you must use .

st-251 mfm hard drive Resources

st-251 mfm hard drive Preparation Services for Resident Aliens

Hard Drive: SEAGATE: ST251-MCL1 42MB 5.25"/HH MFM ST506
Nov 23, 2011 . S T 2 5 1 - M C L 1 SEAGATE NO MORE PRODUCED Native| Translation ------+-- ---+-----+----- Form 5.25"/HH Cylinders 820| | | Capacity .